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Starting Point for Apps Using Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind & Inertia.js

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Starting Point for Apps Using Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind & Inertia.js

"Effortlessly craft modular applications using Laravel, Vue, Tailwind CSS, and Inertia.js!

The Modular project features Vue custom Single File Components that are built-in, stylishly designed with Tailwind CSS, and optimized with auto-loading and tree shaking. These components are simple yet lightweight, crafted to address the common needs of web applications while ensuring seamless integration with other parts of the stack, including Laravel and Inertia.js.

Modular stands on the shoulders of giants, integrating powerful frameworks and tools to offer a streamlined development experience."

Here’s what lies under the hood:

  • Laravel (Empowers the backend)
  • Vue.js (Drives custom frontend components)
  • Inertia.js (Bridges the gap between frontend and backend)
  • Tailwind CSS 3 (Styles with ease)
  • Vite (Accelerates frontend tooling)


Daniel Cintra

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