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Slack App for Anniversary Celebrations

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Slack App for Anniversary Celebrations

"Your team's Chief Celebration Officer!

Jolly is a Slack app that ensures your team members' birthdays are never forgotten. It helps you automate celebrations for a team member's special day by sending a joyful message in a Slack channel.

Jolly features everything needed to celebrate your team's birthdays and work anniversaries:

  • Hand-crafted joyful celebration messages
  • Viewing all upcoming celebrations
  • Opt-out of the celebrations
  • Handle weekend celebrations: be a good manager and don't bother your team on the weekends
  • Automatically collect birthdays & work anniversaries

The core of the app is built with Laravel and heavily relies on queues, webhooks and scheduler. We used Socialite (that we customized for our use case) for authentication, and basically vanilla Laravel to build the entire application."

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