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Wedding Planning App

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Wedding Planning App

"Plan2Wed is a user-friendly wedding planning app designed to simplify the orchestration of your special day.

"With 4 years of experience, this platform was birthed by a professional wedding planner and a web developer, combining expertise to create an intuitive tool that facilitates easy collaboration between you, your partner, and potentially your wedding planner.

The app is tailored to accommodate various wedding styles, sizes and cultural nuances, catering to unique needs and desires. It offers a comprehensive suite of features including:

  • Decision-Making Tools: Aids in filtering through options and making informed choices
  • Table Planning: Assists in organizing seating arrangements effortlessly
  • Supplier Overview: Helps manage and interact with various vendors
  • Guest List Management: Provides dynamic and intuitive lists for seamless planning
  • Documents Management: Centralizes all essential documents for easy access
  • Tasks & To-Do Lists: Keeps track of all the tasks that need to be done

Plan2wed's backend is made with Laravel Filament, various custom components were created to tailor the needs of the platform. A billing integration with lemonsqueezy was added."

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