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Link Management Solution

"A modern, fast link management solution, all while protecting your visitors' digital privacy! Fynlink is a URL shortener service with a focus on user privacy.

It offers a unlimited teams, members and redirects as well as AI powered custom filters and the ability to create private links.

The main web application is entirely built on Laravel + Livewire. It is built on top of Laravel Jetstream, and uses Cashier for payment, Scout for our super fast full text search engine with Meilisearch. It also uses Echo under the hood for real time notifications.

Other interesting techs used are AWS SQS, EC2, SES, Cloudflare R2 for image hosting, Queues, AI Gateway, Vectorize, Workers AI, KV, D1 & MongoDB Atlas as database. We also use Redis for caching. However, the redirection service along with a few other services are built with honojs or plain node and deployed to Cloudflare workers."

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