Frontend Software Engineer


Are you interested in revolutionizing virtual communication?

Do you want to work with a cross-discipline team — made up of video game vets (ex CD Projekt Red), web stack vets, designers, 3D artists, and event producers — to help solve sophisticated technical challenges?

The need for meaningful virtual communication in organizations is rapidly increasing as the pitfalls of video conferencing become more apparent with time. We are focused on building a virtual communication tool (codename Project Breakout) that preserves the nuances of in-person communication, using a combination of game engine and web technologies.

You will be joining a small team of individuals (~10 and growing), where everyone brings a high level of skill, experience, and autonomy to the project. Our company pairs the stability of an eight-year-old company, with the momentum, opportunity, and funding of a startup.

As we solve the unique problems of virtual communication in our modern world, we are looking for team members who want to forever work remote, in pursuit of building a tool that will make us feel like we’ve always worked together.

The Job:

Joining our web team as a frontend software engineer, your primary role will be building the component libraries, data APIs, and streaming services that underpin our web UI. Our web UI in turn drives the delivery mechanism and input-system of our 3D rendering, so you will get to work closely with our game engine engineers, backend engineers, and devops teams to collaborate on data flow.

You will also deploy components with functional CSS (with use of component libraries and preprocessors), and will work with the design team to make sure components are meeting aesthetic benchmarks across browsers and devices.


  • 3+ years of experience in frontend software engineer roles, including multiple public facing projects with significant traffic.
  • Substantial knowledge of either React or Vue (and Redux/Vuex state pattern).
  • Experience handling user authentication, user state, and user routing logic.
  • Experience working with REST/GraphQL endpoints. Can work with backend developers to build out effective frontend APIs.
  • Working knowledge of Typescript.
  • Practical knowledge of modern CSS and working with preprocessors.
  • Practical knowledge of test driven development (unit, component, E2E).
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, or equivalent.

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience developing backend systems (Ruby on Rails, Express, Django, ASP.NET).
  • Experience with database technologies.
  • Some experience with Web Sockets.
  • Some experience with WebRTC.
  • 100% remote forever.
  • We believe in flexible work schedules. Our team is spread across four time zones, so you can choose when your day starts and ends.
  • Flexible three weeks paid-vacation policy.
  • We believe a company is a force for positive social good. We support all team members to volunteer their time and expertise, and will support them with paid volunteer days.
  • We believe in questioning adequate in the pursuit of excellence. As a group we strive to create a safe atmosphere where deliverables can be questioned and excellence can be iterated towards.
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