Senior-Software Engineer - FrontEnd


LeadIQ makes sales teams more efficient in collecting and enriching leads by using automation and intelligence to cut out tedious prospecting steps.

We are looking for developer with keen eye and responsible for ensuring the alignment of web design and user experience requirements, optimising web pages for maximum efficiency and maintaining brand consistency across all web pages, among other duties.*

Frontend key technologies

JavaScript ES6, Pug, Stylus, Vue.js, Webpack, Node.js, Express, Apollo, Karma, Mocha

Responsibilities; not limited to

Maintenance and development of our high traffic, customer facing web applications Demonstrate attributes of quality software engineering. Besides functionality, we strive for modularity and reusability. Work in close collaboration with our Product Managers, Designers and Back End Developers from wireframes until release to users. Take usability and UX seriously and ensure that our interfaces are user-friendly, beautiful and functional.


Relevant working experience in developing web applications Skilled in Vue.js or other JS frameworks (React, Angular) and proficient in CSS. Nice to have testing experience, Chrome extension development, TypeScript Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and or related field

Attributes we’re after:

Aside from technical skills, we want team members with attributes like:

  • a team player who is comfortable in a collaborative environment
  • experience working in distributed teams with good communication & problem solving skills
  • autonomous: someone who can be reliable on taking charge of, and own features

Contact Us!

LeadIQ is a great place to work. We offer our team members good working conditions, including flexibility, trust and independence. Our team is diverse, friendly and welcoming with experienced engineers you can learn a lot from. We use interesting cutting edge technologies and are quite open to experimenting with new tools.

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    $72k – $102k
  • Published
    5 days ago

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